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Keep Your Google Account’s Data Safe! Here Comes the Tips.

The quality of the various services offered by VPN Google is hard to oppose to. Personally, in every day of my life I use their products. No matter it is Gmail or Google Map, there must be a tool somewhere on Google that provides the services that you want them to do.

Motto of Google may be “do not be evil,” but it’s also not a charity. Something has to be given in return to benefit from the useful service they offer. We don’t usually pay for Google services directly, but here there is something taking function as a kind of Faustian pact. By providing free services, in turn, Google gets interesting and useful information from you, like a data demon. This is used to make money through targeted ads and other methods that generates information from quantitative user data.
Do you know what kind of information Google collects? The time has come to regulate Google’s hunger for personal information. Here’s how to learn and do something about what information Google gets from you.
Take advantage of the “Privacy Checkup” function

Google provides a simple “Privacy Checkup” function that guides you through the most critical privacy decisions. This ensures you know what Google information keeps and where you are being watched. It begins by helping you decide what’s going on with your photos and videos. You can also determine what your phone number is doing with Google, who can see your location and preferences for your Google+ account. What? What? What? Have your Google+ profile forgotten? Everyone did, I don’t blame you.
Going through this guide will help you control what you will share with Google, but do you know what Google has already known about you? 
Check what Google can know about you

All your Google activities are being watched by Google, and you too can see how much Big Brother Google is watching by going to by logging into your Google Account.
A timeline of what Google has recorded will be presented here. You can open any page or device, view or click on the advertisements in Android. Everything is here. You might even notice dodgy sites you viewed, but if you were carefully enough to delete them from your internet history or if you had used Incognito Mode, then you would be safe.
You can erase items one by one from your operation or scrub out items within the whole period of time. You can also view certain types of data from Google’s servers using a jumping-point in the My Activities dashboard.
Wipe out existing information

You may have found that all your addresses, applications, and other data were uploaded to the new smartphone instantly if you use a new phone and signed in to your Google account. This is very handy, which means you also have complete copies of all this data on Google.
In Google Cloud, go to Event Controls to get rid of the system data you don’t want to keep.
Tap on “Manage Event” under “System Settings.” There are three points right at the top of the page. Choose “delete” and then click on them.
If you don’t want Google to back up your data, just hit the old big slider in the top and shut off the whole VPN app.